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Why My Supplements are Some of the Best Out There

by Marcus Antebi

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Article at a Glance:

Like my diet, my supplements consist of unrefined, unprocessed ingredients that have a very short line from produce to the container. They are clean and transparent.

I discovered something crucial during my time running two different companies over the last 20 years. Specifically, that I would not succeed by being one of many in a sea of mediocre companies. I realized that I would be better off appealing to more people like myself who wanted the best product or service that was available in a particular category.

That’s how I ran my skydiving retail and mail order company. It was also my philosophy in the family business – we sold antiques and jewelry products that were not ‘mainstreamed.’ They were quite expensive, and they were intended for a specific client base. My messaging and marketing in those endeavors didn’t have mass appeal.

I wanted my diet to consist of unrefined, unprocessed food that had a very short line from produce to the container. I wanted everything to be transparent and clean. My ideas about product creation mirrored my philosophy about nutrition – I received the very best information from the very best teachers. I became vegan because I understood the overwhelming amount of scientific information in favor of vegetarianism.

I don’t ‘preach’ the vegan lifestyle to people. I know that it’s not for everyone, but I do make the knowledge available and I try to make good arguments for the lifestyle. I then let people make their own decisions, without my pressuring them or judging them.

Every product that I sell in the supplement industry has to be transparent and traceable to the best sources. And I immerse myself in the details; I’m one of the very few in the supplement industry who teaches people how to clean up their diet so that eventually they can get to a point where they don’t have deficiencies. In fact, I’d much rather sell food than supplements.

But I do take my own supplements, because I know that my conditions are not always perfect. I do have stress in my life and I am exposed to an imperfect environment. Sometimes I don’t get enough rest, sometimes I have added stress, and sometimes a rare event such as a global virus occurs, making it necessary for me and everyone else to be hypervigilant.

One thing is certain, whether you’re vegan or not - supplements should be 100% plant-based. There’s no purpose in using animal products for supplements, because every single nutrient is available in pure plant-based products. Including omega-3‘s and sixes, including collagen supplements.

When you bring animal-based products into the supplement industry, things get messy and bloody very quickly. This can cause contamination of products during processing. My pledge is to find supplements that do not use processed ingredients that can become disruptors to your body chemistry.

I’m intimately familiar with my facilities’ processing and storage procedures and handling and safety techniques. These things are very important to me and to my family; I expect the very best vegan products and services for myself and my customers alike.

Perhaps you knew me from my time at Juice Press. If so, you know that I thought like an admiral of a large battleship; I tried to run stores as if they were ships at sea. Everything in the kitchens was stainless steel from floor to ceiling. Everyone working in the back of the facilities would wear chef coats, wash their hands constantly, and often wear mouth protection to prevent saliva from getting on food they prepared. I was instrumental in building the safety standards in our 20,000 square-foot production facility. Safety, quality, purity, and especially the happiness of the workers were all of paramount importance to me.

That was the case when I ran Juice Press, and it is the case now as I am launching goodsugar. I stand behind everything that I sell and everything that I promote.

My probiotics come from the primary source of beautiful probiotics: Bulgaria. The standards and quality of probiotics from our facility in Bulgaria are second to none. Regarding our own understanding and the public’s understanding of what we do and how we do it, we have had Harvard look at our products and they wrote extremely positive papers based on their findings.

We can legitimately state that no one else in the world that can produce probiotics with the quality and consistency of those from our Bulgaria facility at our prices. We know of one or two other places in the world with products of comparable quality. But their prices are 25 times higher than ours, and they are not transparent regarding particular ingredients that they use. We’ve examined their products through high-powered microscopes and feel their pricing amounts to price gouging.

It’s a pleasure to share information about healthy living in general and my probiotics and other products in particular with you. I hope you find my information helpful – thank you for reading.


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