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About Marcus & goodsugar™

by Marcus Antebi

About Marcus & goodsugar™

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goodsugar™ will make your body a fortress through my proven diet, exceptionally high quality supplements, and my organic longevity bar is now open in New York City.

My name is Marcus Antebi, and I started goodsugar™ to help you make your body a fortress. Through a proven diet guide, exceptionally high quality supplements, and our goodsugar™ restaurant in NYC. (Check Instagram: marcusantebi and/or ilovegoodsugar for updates.)

my goodsugar™ philosophy will change your life for the better, but first you have to give me all of your money.

goodsugar™ is unpasteurized and NO pressurized juice, superfood smoothies, plant based food, homemade soups and bakery, and much more. NO refined ingredients, NO processed food. 100% plant based, fresh, NO powdered soups, NO dairy, NO eggs, just plant based foods and juices. Homemade, housemade, kitchenmade and made good. We make the word NO a positive thing.

goodsugar™ retail store number one located at 3rd Avenue and 69th Street and is now open for business. Read More

Since your here reading this, I should mention that I founded Juice Press — a wellness platform in NYC centered around organic, plant based food and beverages — in 2010.

I built it to 85 locations across the country before I left it in the capable hands of my business partner. (Praise his name!)

I have  a passion for all aspects of the food and beverage components of the wellness industry, but to me, the most important outcome of my time at Juice Press was all the individual people’s lives I was able to impact. I like doing that because what else is there to do in life?

I helped thousands of people get healthy, lose weight, quit their bad habits, and feel better based on the principles I live by. Now, I’m taking what I learned and bringing the goodsugar™ wellness platform to as many people as possible.

I want to help people learn how to make excellent dietary choices, improve their physical and mental health, and add in simple products and healthy changes to tremendously improve their life.
the goodsugar diet by Marcus Antebi
My newest book – The goodsugar Diet™  — will help you implement the broad strategies and specific tools you need to lose weight and change your life for the better. 

To support your health beyond diet and exercise, I developed exceptionally high quality supplements with an innovation and research team in Bulgaria. We sourced each plant based, lab tested ingredient from Europe.

The goodsugar™ organic longevity bar – opening soon – will be filled with truly nutritious, healthy, delicious innovative plant based products to offer you simple ways to keep yourself on track.

goodsugar™ stands for your health, and also the health of the planet.

Sustainability is integral to the goodsugar™ mission — which means we source ingredients that are 100% plant based and avoid plastic wherever possible. Read more.

How did goodsugar™ get its name?

Over the past 10 years, I have seen too many people convinced by certain fad diets to avoid fresh fruit from mother earth (and raw, living juices made from these same fruits). Their obsession with avoiding fruit sugar came from the sensational media, certain misinformed scientific communities, and some awful fad diets, perpetuating the myth that all sugar is bad.
I am here to tell you that the naturally occurring sugar from fruit comes with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants: essential nutrients and other compounds that the body needs to strengthen the immune system to fight diseases.
Sugar in this format is the best source of clean energy for human chemistry and is vital for body function.
There’s a 180 degree difference between eating food items containing natural sugar and eating foods containing processed sugar. Processed sugar is intoxicating. It’s addictive, void of nutrients, and disruptive to your body chemistry.
Fruit sugar is the exact opposite. It is energizing, nutrient rich, and supports your body to be its best and strongest. As the founder of goodsugar™, I am on a mission to bring sound diet and lifestyle knowledge and great support products to improve your life.


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