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goodsugar™ Pop-Up Story

by Marcus Antebi

goodsugar™ Pop-Up Story

Article at a Glance:

The goodsugar™ pop-up was an amazing success, and I can't wait to have you at the new permanent location when it opens!

I believe in the power of plant based, organic, unprocessed, truly delicious food with a strong message behind it, and I don't believe you have to hurt Mother Earth with plastic or pesticides in the process.

I tested my theory with a zero plastic organic pop-up retail food and beverage location at in the heart of the East Village, New York City during Spring 2021 and was blown away by the results.

The success of the pop-up proved to me that you still want to eat unprocessed organic food and that you still want to feel the power of cold pressed, unpasteurized organic juice. It proved to me that I'm not alone in wanting to rid the health food world from plastic. It proved to me that NYC is ready for goodsugar™ to have a permanent location: an organic longevity bar filled with incredibly fresh and delicious food, free of plastic and free of pesticides.

The pop-up closed on May 3, 2021, and I am incredibly excited to open the permanent location soon. Follow me here for updates on the new address and opening date for goodsugar™!


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