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Loyalty Reward Points

by Marcus Antebi

Loyalty Reward Points

Article at a Glance:

Earn loyalty points at the goodsugar longevity bar and redeem them for juices, smoothies, salads, baked goods, snacks, and more.

East Village Pop-Up Location is now closed as of May 3, 2021. Loyalty Points accumulated will be held and honored in our permanent location, opening soon.
For my goodsugar™ organic longevity bar, I have two ways for you to earn loyalty points redeemable for healthy food and juice products: (1) return your goodsugar™ glass jars; and (2) earn points for each purchase made at goodsugar™!
Loyalty Reward Points:

1. Every $1.00 spent on food and beverage in the goodsugar™ longevity bar is worth 3 points.

Sorry, no retail such as crystals and beauty care items earn points.

2. goodsugar glass packaging in good condition can be returned for 20 loyalty points per piece.

We reserve the right to reject any glass packaging that is not in usable condition.

Learn more about our stance on sustainable packaging! 

Purchase a grab and go food item sold in a glass jar and return it for your loyalty points. Loyalty points can be tracked online and at the point of purchase.

Points expire 3 months after they are accrued. They are not redeemable for any cash value.
The list of rewards and the status of your points can be viewed here
Points can be earned/redeemed in our store only and not on our delivery platforms.
Loyalty program and points may be canceled at any time without notification, at such time points will become null and void.
Check Your Loyalty Points
loyalty rewards
Above photo: goodsugar™ glass containers. Return them for similar value loyalty points!
Everything tastes better in our glass!
return your jar get a blue star



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