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goodsugar™ Retail Update: Jan. 6, 2023

by Marcus Antebi

draft of menu Feb. 2022

Article at a Glance:

goodsugar is located at 1186 Third Avenue in NYC.

Go to for more information about our menu and services.

Goodsugar™ is now open, and we couldn't be more grateful! Our first location is situated at the corner of 3rd Avenue and East 69th Street in New York, New York.

At goodsugar, our primary focus is on serving pure, organic juice, superfood smoothies, nourishing bowls, and exceptionally clean food. You won't find any refined sugars, white flour, artificial ingredients, or cooking methods that compromise the integrity of our offerings.

Please note that while we specialize in delivering top-quality products, we may not be experts in spelling and grammar. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to serving you!

Go to for more information about our menu and services.

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