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Dave Asprey - Founder of Bullet Proof, is this guy serious?

by Marcus Antebi

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Article at a Glance:

If a person with any of hundreds of degenerative diseases used the Bulletproof products regularly, this person would suffer.

I am truly sorry if this article comes off as negative, but I feel deeply that Mr. Asprey is guiding millions of people in the wrong direction with hyper-stimulating beverages and by popularizing terms such as “bio-hack.” A better term for this is “bio-quack.”

Dave Asprey is the noted founder of the company Bulletproof. I want to begin by saying that I admire his business acumen, his drive, and his intelligence level. I believe that he is a sincere person who desires to help people.

Having said that, I have been studying his blogs and his product and I am astonished at how concepts as wrong as his can be passed off as truth. His products are disruptors to the chemistry of the body. His philosophies and recommendations on protein and nutrition promote practices that will overstimulate and intoxicate the body.

Individuals with diabetes and inflammatory illnesses would have disastrous results if they followed a diet focused on heavy use of caffeine and protein-based foods. His programs and products stimulate—they do not energize—and they have nothing to do with natural healing and clean living.

This bears repeating: If a person with any of hundreds of degenerative diseases used the Bulletproof products regularly, this person would suffer. It doesn’t give me pleasure to make such statements, but it’s my right to do so. And it’s my intent to promote practices that lead to good health and to speak out against practices that don’t.

I do respect a lot of things about his work and his organization. I respect his financial acumen—he’s extremely successful. But success can sometimes be deceiving. The appearance of Mr. Asprey’s website, his well-designed branding logos, and his incredible financial success make it easy to believe that his concepts are true.

I’ve seen many people like him over the last 20 years of my life. Their theories and projects do not last very long because they are not steeped in science. They picked up on abstracts and they expanded them in any way that was necessary to promote their products. Mr. Asprey’s entire paradigm is based on overstimulating the body. His core product is coffee, followed by adding butter. He denounces foods like nutritional yeast which have been the “bread-and-butter” of simple but effective dietary practices for at least 100 years.

He promotes a high-protein, high-meat diet based on complete lack of understanding of the nature of inflammation. And animal rights and compassion are completely outside of the realm of his conversation. He is “disrupting the disruptors,” which is very mainstream.

A lot of people just don’t want to listen to pure science. They don’t want to change their behaviors. They want to eat food that stimulates them, and they want to eat food that tastes good. When they pay money for food, they want the calories for their dollars. Almost everything that Mr. Asprey talks about is a way of continuing to stimulate a diet. But this is not how the human body was designed to perform.

I do have to give him a lot of credit for putting together an extraordinarily vast brand with lots of content. He’s obviously enlightened about some things. He has a free flow of consciousness, but that consciousness is plugged into the wrong thing. He’s trying to condone his own personal lifestyle, and he’s not considering the nature of disease and illness. The things that he promotes are disruptors—they’re not nutrients. But to suit a particular lifestyle, he promotes stimulation with caffeine and a lot of protein.

But we can consider examples from his success; his type of success is what many people are looking for. He talks about things that people care about, such as upgrading their brains to get 20 more IQ points by using supplements that he creates, and it’s very convincing. He might be able to criticize me because I haven’t attained his wealth and success. But in the same vein, I can look at him and observe he spent most of his life as an obese, diseased mess. He’s new to being in a light body. I’ve been living in a healthy body my entire life. I’m certain about one thing. Specifically, I can’t exist on the healthy plane that I desire to be on by eating a high-protein diet or by eating the flesh of an animal. I do not need that much protein to be strong and to prevent viral infection.

We should not judge each other while we are on our pursuit for health and wellness but we should look closely at all teachers. When people say things that are false—for example, if someone began claiming that the earth is flat again﹘we don’t need to execute them. But we certainly need to debate their concepts in a public forum. I would debate Mr. Asprey on almost every topic that he espouses and every product that he sells.

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