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About The goodsugar Diet™ Book

by Marcus Antebi

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Article at a Glance:

I don’t offer cheats, fast tips, or shortcuts. I combine simple teachings and practical steps of guidance that I learned and utilized when dealing with my own troubles to help you get in control of your diet and improve your life.

Read the book, “The Goodsugar Diet™—Lose Weight, Burn Fat, Boost Immunity, and Expand Your Mind.” BUY NOW
Enjoy the positive overall message of this book, and rest assured that there will be joy and enlightenment in the weight control and emotional healing work that the book details. This is not a 'new-agey' type of book, and I stay practical and outside of the weird food trends that have emerged in our society and culture at this point in time.


This book will do all of the things for you that its title suggests, and then some—provided that you do the work. The book asks a lot of you, but the payoff will be tremendous!


I will tell you the truth about the many behavioral shifts that have led to my own quest for improvement and success in overcoming my own problems related to both diet and behavior. I combine simple teachings and practical steps of guidance that I learned and utilized when dealing with my own troubles and the troubles of my family. I also include things that I learned while in the processes of study, focused contemplation, and a certain degree of activism regarding the troubles that I’ve become aware of in the world.
The book does not offer you the proverbial “free lunch”—every benefit that the book describes will require work on your part. But let’s face it: Almost everything of significant value in life requires work. I’m not giving you any erroneous or misleading information. I’m not telling you to follow me because I’m successful and if you do exactly what I do you’ll amass untold fortunes. All I’m doing is laying out a structured, step-by-step program that works very well. BUY NOW
I know for a fact that it works, because I’ve been living it for 35 of my 51 years of life. I’ve also known hundreds of people in recovery who followed my program’s principles and overcame their addictions and weight control problems.
I had the opportunity to interact and work with thousands of people during my years at Juice Press, and during that time I learned what the average person wants. And what I learned troubled me a great deal. The average person wants a magic pill or a silver bullet that will enable them to overcome their addictions, weight control problems or behavioral problems with little or no effort on their part. I couldn’t offer that to Juice Press customers then, and I can’t offer that to you now. BUY NOW

Why do you have to do this work? If you have to ask that question, you may be wasting your time reading this article, let alone this book that I’m recommending. You may be content with your suffering. But I hope that that’s not the case.

I’m reminded of a story I once heard. It was of a man who was shot in the stomach by a poisoned arrow and who then rode away. He looked at the arrow and asked himself, “Why was I shot by a poisoned arrow?” After pondering the question for a time, he got off his horse and encountered a friend. He then asked his friend the same question. After about five minutes of discussion about the issue, the man died.

The man died because he spent his limited time philosophizing about his unfortunate situation rather than just pulling the arrow out of his stomach. Perhaps you’re in a similar situation. If you’re having trouble figuring out why and whether or not you want to embark on this journey, I ask you to consider that you might be wasting valuable time.
Your motives for the goals of weight control, behavioral improvement, and/or recovering from an addiction may change over time. In my case, I embarked on a more highly focused journey to fitness and health because I wanted to lose weight for a Muay Thai fighting competition. But after a fairly short time I realized that a far better reason for continuing in recovery was wanting to feel the euphoria of living life free from toxic addictions and behavior patterns.
My reason for writing self-help books in general and this book on diet-related topics in particular is that I have come to love my life free of food addictions and many other substance abuse and behavioral problems that plagued me for years. I love passing on information that will help others achieve good health, fitness, happiness, and peace of mind. I hope that you’ll honor me by reading this book and embarking on a journey that will bring you to a wonderful, satisfying new life.


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