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Plant Based Diet

Providing that you’re not eating processed food, on a plant-based diet you won’t become overweight, lethargic, or riddled with symptoms of a multitude of diseases. On a plant-based diet you will become injured less. On a plant-based diet your pH balance will be exactly where it’s supposed to be; you'll have to exert less energy keeping homeostasis (body chemistry balance). On a plant-based diet you will not succumb to inflammatory illnesses such as arthritis as easily. On a plant-based diet you will avoid diabetes, and if you have diabetes already then your dependency on insulin will be much lower.

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Diet and Lifestyle Matter More Now Than Ever Before

Unless you have an immune disease, the strength of your immune system is in your hands and not just in your genes. You have to work at it. You have to make your internal biological terrain right. It all starts with your mindset and the thoughts that you keep. Your overall outlook on life has an enormous impact on your chemistry; this cannot be downplayed.

Your diet is absolutely crucial to the success of the high performance machine that is your body. This should be obvious to the entire world, but for some reason it's not. Or perhaps it is obvious, but we struggle to balance our cravings and our desire to feel and be healthy.

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My Six-Year-Old's ideas about Fast Food Places

For both adults and children, overcoming incredibly strong cravings for unhealthy food is not easy.

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How To get Weller - Health and Wellness Are Yours For The Taking

Here is a list of things that are required to sit at the mountaintop. When you’re there, remember there are no guarantees you’ll live forever because Life and Health are volatile and controlled by many factors...