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Zinc Hype

by Marcus Antebi

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Article at a Glance:

Your body definitely needs zinc. In optimal circumstances, you would get every nutrient that you need from food. But given the generally poor quality of food available to us today, our bodies have nutritional deficiencies.


Sometimes it seems as though there is a lot of hype around vitamins and mineral supplements. Being a consumer caught in the middle of the traffic, between those who recommend and sell supplements and those who say they aren’t effective, can be confusing. I’d like to offer some clarification about this.

If we all lived in the garden of Eden and kept a perfectly clean plant-based diet, drank from a pure water supply, and were breathing perfectly clean air, then our bodies’ cells would likely be able to multiply for 150 years. But that’s not the case in the modern world. 

We’re exposed to a wide variety of environmental toxins. We have unnatural lifestyle stresses, fears, and anxieties born from a lack of feeling connected to a creator, leading to a confused viewpoint regarding the nature of life itself. All of these things and more added together put a tremendous burden on all of our bodies’ immune systems and processes intended for proper body functionality. Our bodies simply cannot handle this burden.

Your body needs a wide range of nutrients. In optimal environmental conditions, you would get every nutrient that you need from food. But given the generally poor quality of food available to us today and the negative circumstances pertaining to modern living, our bodies have nutritional deficiencies.

That is why certain types of interventions can be helpful. When the body’s natural healing mechanisms are not able to complete their mission, sometimes interventions of the right type and in the right amount can be helpful. This is the purpose of vitamins and supplements.

A consumer needs to ask questions about whatever supplements he or she takes. Is the efficacy of a given supplement scientifically proven? Is the need for it only theory, or is it totally a myth?

The primary way of ensuring good health and good nutritional balance is through cleanup of your diet. I recommend eliminating dietary mistakes and adding supplements to the diet slowly. Nearly everyone I’ve ever met who had a deficiency in a particular nutrient had positive results after taking supplements.

Regarding Zinc in particular, your body definitely needs it. Zinc aids metabolic function and strengthens your immune system. It facilitates healing, and it’s particularly efficient at healing scar tissue within the lungs. 

Some claim that if vitamins and minerals are taken in excess that they can cause health problems. For that to be the case, one would have to take enormous doses over a very long period of time. Vitamins and mineral supplements of high quality taken in moderation, and especially in response to identified deficiencies, are safe, effective, and very helpful for those seeking to maintain healthy lifestyles. 

Some denounce supplements. I disagree very strongly with them. I know that many of the nay-sayers have little or no personal experience with them. One thing I do recommend is that those who take supplements be sure that the manufacturer adheres to ethical guidelines and extremely high product standards. It’s also of paramount importance that the manufacturer’s products can be traced to clean sources.

I am a distributor of vitamins, and I guarantee that my products are top-notch in terms of the quality standards I’ve just described. I have continually made sure that that has been the case during the many years that I’ve been in the health and wellness business. That’s been vitally important to me for many reasons, one of them being that I use my own products myself.


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